You might not know that Trafalgar Square Books is the number-one publisher of horse books in the United States. Why is that? Well, we have exceptional authors–the top riders and trainers in their fields from around the world. But it’s also because the people behind conceptualizing, editing, and designing our books about horses are HORSE PEOPLE, too! So when you buy books from TSB at, you’re getting them right from the source–from those who know the books best, and those who use the winning tips, techniques, and theories within them every time they work with their own horses.

With this in mind, here are some of our book and DVD suggestions by discipline–have a specific issue or subject you want to read more about, but don’t know which title to pick? Post a comment on our Facebook page or blog, or drop an email to We’ll put our heads together and send you a personalized list of our staff favorites.


Kottas on Dressage

Dressage Training Customized

2010 WEG Dressage DVD


The Complete Guide to Hunter Seat Training, Showing and Judging

50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding

Jumping Problems Solved.

SHOW JUMPERS will enjoy: 

2010 WEG Show Jumping DVD

Training the Modern Jumper (Book)

Training the Modern Jumper (DVD)

Every REINER needs:

Reining Essentials

Rookie Reiner

Western Saddles–How to Fit Pain-Free DVD

All HORSE LOVERS will treasure:

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman

Gallop to Freedom

And for the ever-patient “horse husband” in your life, give him a laugh with:

Women are from Venus and so Are Their Horses.

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