The International Horse Agility Club is gaining momentum and finding innovative ways to allow horse lovers worldwide to participate in this exciting new sport. Now you can compete against other Horse Agility enthusiasts ONLINE! That’s right, the OLHA (Online Horse Agility) is a monthly video competition and league.

Simply join the International Horse Agility Club and download each month’s course for FREE. Construct it to the best of your ability, practice practice practice, and have a friend video you and your horse having the time of your life! Videos are then submitted and judged, and points and prizes awarded. How cool—and easy—is that?

Don’t forget…if you haven’t started a horse agility club in your area, you might be missing out on a chance to catch this wild ride on its way to the top! Check out Horse Agility Club USA to find accredited trainers and information about hosting training days and competitions (in real time) in a town near you.

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