Forget the term “midlife crisis” and all the worn, over-used (and often guy-centric) cliches that go along with it (fast cars, fast women, fast food)…we’re talking Midlife Horses.

Women today are particularly prone to midlife crises. Many of us reach middle age completely exhausted (working mom syndrome). Time for ourselves has plunged to a mere 54 minutes a day, down from 1.6 hours in 1977, according to the Families and Work Institute.  “We are anxious, dissatisfied, insecure and, above all, desperate to stop pleasing others for a single afternoon and start doing something for ourselves,” states The Washington Post.

And what IS that “something else,” exactly?

According to the American Horse Council, of the 9.2 million horses in America today, about 75 percent are owned by women over 40.

Midlife Horses, indeed.

What is it that horses do for women at this time of life that makes them such a draw? Do you know the answer? Do you want to find out? It’s time to join in the discussion, the debate, the camaraderie, and the flat-out FUN, that a group of like-minded women dealing with the same questions, the same struggles, the same challenges as you can promise. Whether you have a horse or not, whether owning a horse of your own is in the near future or remains a hazy and distant dream you can’t quite lay your finger on, TSB author Melinda Folse has created the online hub of information and sharing you’ve craved.

Finding herself to be just one among millions of Baby Boomer women who once dreamed of horses and are now recapturing that dream, Melinda let her own struggles do the talking in her forthcoming book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES—a tongue-in-cheek account that is a little bit memoir, a little more self-help, a whole lot of practical guidebook, and all heart. This is the book Melinda wishes she had been able to find when she made the bold decision to get back in the saddle at age forty-five.

In the spirit of searching, sharing, and squaring up the reality of owning and caring for a real live horse that her book inspires, Melinda has pulled together a Facebook page and blog centered around being a woman, being a woman in midlife, and being a woman in love with Midlife Horses. Check it out, share your story, offer a tip—we hope this community helps legions of women find their soul’s calling, and find it on the back (or at the side) of a horse.

You can pre-order THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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