We here at TSB are THRILLED to see another great review for TSB author Lucinda Dyer’s ECO-HORSEKEEPING…this time on the Great Books for Horse Lovers blog (a great resource for reading recommendations). Check it out:

“So you’ve wanted to go eco—and take your horse with you—but it’s seemed too expensive? Now there’s a way to keep the planet and your wallet full of green. TSB author Lucinda Dyer’s ECO-HORSEKEEPING offers clever, quick changes and innovative longer-term projects that will help you save the Earth – and energy, time, and cash—without compromising on style, convenience, and fun.

“Dyer makes it easy to get started. Sure, you have a recycle bin at your home, school, or office, so why not add one to the barn? Instead of worrying about scrubbing your horse’s water tank with harsh chemicals, let a handful of goldfish—yes, goldfish!—do the work for you naturally. Feeling ambitious? Learn how you can use rain, wind, and sunlight to power your farm, and meet the nationwide network of eco-experts who would be happy to help you, free of charge.

“It may all sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Dyer includes profiles of real equestrians, stables, and other horse-centered businesses that have made the switch, and the book itself walks its talk, printed on 100% recycled paper. Crack open ECO-HORSEKEEPING, and in less than five minutes, you and your horse can be greener—and so can your purse and your planet!”

In the spirit of greening up the barn and tack room, a TSB friend has started Ribbon Recycling, a program that collects new and used show ribbons from donors, and distributes them to therapeutic riding facilities and other therapy programs. Many such facilities are unable to afford their own ribbons. Without donations, their riders and participants might never experience the joy of getting one.

Do you have an “eco-horsekeeping” idea of your own? Share it with us on our blog or Facebook page so we can spread the “green word.”

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