Sergeant Rick Pelicano, author of the “runaway” bestseller Bombproof Your Horse (pun intended!) recently found some time in his hectic schedule to talk about his “bombproofing” process with Susan Ashbrook, host of Equine VIP. (The big police horse “Diesel” joined him for the interview.) Susan asks Sgt. Pelicano about what it’s like “inside” a mounted police unit, how they choose and train their horses, and how the techniques he uses with the police force can be applied to your horse, and mine. If you’ve ever wondered how police horses are trained to handle the high-stress situations they must deal with on a daily basis, you won’t want to miss this, so watch it HERE.

Sgt. Pelicano has been even busier than usual as he’s been putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming follow-up to Bombproof Your Horse…the new book (due out in JUNE) is called Better than Bombproof (did YOU know it was possible? IT IS!) and features more of Sgt. Pelicano’s innovative ways to make horses safer, more trustworthy mounts. Watch for it at and bookstores near you.