TSB author Dr. Nancy Kay was featured in today’s New York Daily News! In an article entitled “Speak Up for Your Pets: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Second Opinion,” Dr. Kay was noted as the author of the most comprehensive book available on being a medical advocate for your pet. SPEAKING FOR SPOT is the ultimate guide to your dog’s health and how to preserve it–nowhere else will you find specialized questions from a licensed veterinarian, explaining exactly what you should ask your own veterinarian when your four-legged pal is ill or injured. She walks you through all the steps to determining the best veterinarian for you and your dog, the best health care facility, the best course of treatment, whether to get pet insurance, whether to say yes to a drug–or no, whether to treat your dog–or say goodbye…so much goes into caring for and loving our pets. Don’t we want to give them the best health care they deserve? Dr. Kay tells us HOW.

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