Grand prix rider and trainer Britta Schoeffmann was featured on the Horse Radio Network’s Stable Scoop Radio Show last week! Don’t miss this episode, hosted by Glenn the Geek and Helena Bee, who not only delve into the details of Britta’s book DRESSAGE TRAINING–CUSTOMIZED, but also provide a recommendation for a cool new smartphone app to make packing for horse-related trips easier and more organized.

Over the course of the interview, Helena and Britta examine the idea that all sizes, shapes, breeds, and genders of horses need to be dealt with differently in the course of training for any sport–not just dressage. One blanket policy, philosophy, or technique cannot be applied to every horse you ride or own, across the board. You must customize your position, your methods, and your goals so they are in sync with the abilities, the temperament, and the tendencies of the individual horse.

“This is one of my favorite training books of all time,” says host Helena Bee about DRESSAGE TRAINING–CUSTOMIZED. “It is one of the most informative books on getting from Point A to Point B with your horse that I’ve come across.”

Helena and Glenn are a hoot and a blast–they know horses and have a sense of humor and terrific guests. If you haven’t made the Horse Radio Network a regular stop in your online travels, DO!

CLICK HERE to listen to Britta Schoeffmann’s recent interview.

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of DRESSAGE TRAINING–CUSTOMIZED from the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.