Yep, you heard it right–we’ve released Australian horse-training phenom Clinton Anderson’s hit book LESSONS WELL LEARNED in Kindle and Epub formats. So, for all you techie-types or those who are on the road with an ipad more often than they’re home with a bookshelf, you can now bring great equestrian reading with you, wherever you go and however light you plan to pack.

You can order LESSONS WELL LEARNED Kindle edition from Amazon (click HERE).

Find it in Epub format for your laptop, ipad, or iphone from (click HERE).

And of course, you can always get your hands on the original hardcover version at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE (click HERE).

Keep an eye on our blog and website as other new Trafalgar Square titles, as well as some favorites from our popular backlist, are made available in Kindle and Epub formats.