Best-selling TSB author Daniel Stewart (check out his book RIDE RIGHT WITH DANIEL STEWART–the ORIGINAL book on how to get fit in and out of the saddle) is presenting alongside David O’Connor, Julie Goodnight, and Richard Shrake, at the 2010 Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference in Lake City, Florida, October 21-24. Daniel earned his degree in Sport Science, specializing in Sport Physiology, then spent several years at the renowned Sports Training Institute in New York City where he was responsible for designing unmounted rider-specific exercises and rehabilitating the Institute’s equestrian clients.

Daniel has coached riders on several U.S. teams to success at many world championships and Olympics, as well as coaching the United States Endurance Team and Paralympic Dressage Squad. He is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on equestrian biomechanics, rider conditioning, and sport psychology. (Plus, he’s a really fun guy!)

If you missed him in Lake City, come see him at EQUINE AFFAIRE in Springfield, Massachusetts, November 11-14. You can pick up his book before then and get to work on toning and strengthening your body and mind in preparation for next year’s show season! Order RIDE RIGHT WITH DANIEL STEWART from before October 26, 2010, and you’ll get 10% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING!