Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado first became international superstars when they traveled the world with their troupe of stunningly beautiful horses in the hit equestrian “spectacular” Cavalia. Then they wrote the acclaimed and instant bestseller GALLOP TO FREEDOM, the story of their horses and how they create and sustain such unparalleled kinship with them. Pignon and Delgado are now developing exciting new liberty and dressage performances, incorporating costumes and music, and sharing them through Europe and the United Kingdom. In early October, they played to packed stands at the 2010 Horse of the Year Show. Following performances, Pignon and Magali signed books and spoke with fans at the British Horse Society store, where they ran low on books toward the end of the show. Check out this footage of Pignon and his stallion “dancing” :

Pignon and Delgado maintain a firm belief that horse’s can be trained using games and “play,” and that treating the horse as an equal is of the utmost importance. See some rare footage of the two of them working with their horses at liberty and under saddle at their farm in France, including Delgado schooling the piaffe without a bit in her horse’s mouth, here (note: the interview is in French, but the footage is fantastic nonetheless):

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