450 Years of the Spanish Riding School

A Retrospective Celebrating the School's Rich History and Marvelous Horses

René van Bakel & Arnim Basche



The Spanish Riding School in Vienna celebrated its 450th anniversary in the year 2015, heralding a rich and celebrated past devoted to the cultivation of classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the Haute Ecole ("High School") on its beautiful Lipizzaner stallions. Here is a book that honors both the Riding School and its marvelous horses—a retrospective that delights in the whole story, from foals cavorting with their mothers in the fields of Piber to the cadets in training and the teaching of the famous figures and jumps. Filled cover to cover with fabulous, emotionally charged color photographs, and including both English and German text, this is a book for anyone who has ever delighted in the mystique of the White Stallions of Vienna—who wants to know more, see more, and revel fully in their magic. The large-format book comes with an elegant slipcase.

Additional Information

Author: René van Bakel & Arnim Basche

Format: Hardcover with slipcase

Page Count: 208

Illustrations: 112 color photographs

ISBN: 9783901753909

By René van Bakel & Arnim Basche