Achieving a Stretching Outline: Forwards-Downwards—But How? (DVD)

Dressage Explained: Part 2

Reinhart Koblitz

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Riding with a stretching outline is one of the most important parts in successfully educating a horse. It helps the young or uneducated horse to carry the rider more easily and build the correct muscles. For the more advanced horse it provides relaxation between the intensive phases of work. For horses that have been badly ridden or trained incorrectly, stretching allows for the re-establishment of Losgelassenheit—suppleness and relaxation, both physically and mentally. But what does a correct stretching outline look like? What happens physically? What must a rider do to achieve this and when should one ask for it?

This DVD gives an easily understood and detailed guide. Helle Katrin Kleven, a well–known equine physiotherapist, explains the biomechanics. Then Ingrid Klimke, together with the late Paul Stecken, gives insight into her training of young horses. Lastly, Uta Gräf and the successful Damon Jerome show us the important principles when schooling a horse.

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Author: Reinhart Koblitz

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run Time: 52 minutes


ISBN: 9783954990740

By Reinhart Koblitz

Reinhart Koblitz discovered his passion for equestrian sport early. Even as a child, he began to actively help in the local riding club and in return received free riding lessons. After his first riding badges and competition success, his desire to become a professional rider grew. After graduating in 1967, he began training as a professional rider at the riding and driving school of Elmshorn in Germany. This was followed by training in the competition and training stable of Eichelnkamp and in the club of “Horse friends” Lübeck.

In 1971, Reinhart Koblitz passed the examinations as a rider and in 1976 the examination for the professional riding instructor of the German Federation (FN) in Warendorf. Since then he has been working independently and has led numerous students to great success, including German and European Championships and participation in the Olympics.