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Dr. Nancy Loving



With over 500 color photographs, 4,000 index entries, and chapters devoted to cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, digestive, and reproductive health, as well as the hooves, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, and skin, Dr. Nancy Loving provides a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the equine body—then sets her book apart by describing valuable methods of conditioning the various systems of the horse. This book is the go-to reference, ensuring today’s horse can perform to the very best of his ability, whatever his task may be.


Additional Information

Author: Dr. Nancy Loving

Format: eBook

Page Count: 632

Illustrations: 516 color photographs, 70 line drawings

ISBN: 9781570767005

By Dr. Nancy Loving

Dr. Nancy Loving’s intense interest in horses began at an early age and continues to figure prominently in both her professional and personal life. She has ridden dressage and evented, and she discovered the unique challenges of distance riding in 1983. After graduating from Colorado State University Veterinary School in 1985, Dr. Loving practiced equine medicine and surgery at her own Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado. She has been involved in the endurance world as an FEI-sanctioned veterinarian and as team vet for the USEF national endurance squad, bringing to these pursuits her knowledge gleaned from many miles and years spent in the saddle training and competing her own endurance horses.

Horse Illustrated Says:

”The definitive book for people who ride!”

Kentucky Equine Research Review Says:

”It’s hard to imagine a question in equine management that is not at least touched upon...simple enough for the average horse owner, yet full of details to instruct the most experienced handler or trainer.”