The Arab Horse

Allen Guide to Horse and Pony Breeds

Rosemary Archer

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As one of the oldest breeds, the Arabian is extraordinarily prepotent; it has had a profound influence on light-horse breeding throughout the world. Admired for its beauty and intelligence, centuries of life in the harsh environment of the Arabian Desert also endowed it with the qualities of toughness, endurance, and courage, while its close association with humans resulted in its noble ability to form strong attachments to them. The Arabian has all the qualities of a perfect riding horse and its performance in a wide variety of activities is proof of its versatility. This guide book's outstanding photographs not only complement the text but also demonstrate this trait of versatility by showing the Arabian at work in every equestrian discipline, as well as in its natural desert habitat and depicted in art.

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Author: Rosemary Archer

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 23 pages


ISBN: 9780851318004

By Rosemary Archer

Rosemary Archer has ridden, bred, and shown Arabians since 1947. She was an Arab Horse Society judge, council member, and governor for decades. She is past editor of The Arab Horse Society News, co-author of The Crabbet Arabian Stud: Its History and Influence and co-editor of Lady Anne Blunt: Journals and Correspondence. Rosemary Archer is the author of The Arab Horse in the Allen Breed Series, the hardcover The Arabian Horse, and of The Versatile Arabian Horse.