Baby Gifts to Knit

Over 60 Sweet and Soft Patterns for Baby's First Two Years

Marie Claire Idees



What a joy it is to knit for Baby's first two years! In this highly illustrated book, you'll find over 60 charming patterns from Marie Claire's exceptional collection, in gentle colors and a variety of styles, all designed just for babies—including booties, undershirts, hats, coats, dresses, sweaters, blankets, pillows, and snuggly stuffed animals. With hundreds of diagrams and color photos to guide novice and expert knitters alike, it has never been easier to delight growing families with beautiful hand-knit gifts, and pamper babies from first smile to first step!

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Additional Information

Author: Marie Claire Idees

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 160

Illustrations: 90 color photographs, 110 diagrams

ISBN: 9781570766848

By Marie Claire Idees