Cavalletti (Revised 4th Edition)

for Dressage and Jumping

Ingrid Klimke


A revised 4th Edition of the classic with new photos and updates.

Every horse, no matter the riding discipline, benefits from working with cavalletti. Dressage and eventing rider extraordinaire Ingrid Klimke explains how training with ground poles and cavalletti is one of her secrets of success. Cavalletti training improves the gaits; promotes rhythm, suppleness, and cadence; and increases fitness and agility.

This handbook describes how to work with cavalletti on the lunge, provides valuable new schooling ideas for dressage work, and numerous exercises for gymnastic jumping. It provides detailed instruction on: 

  • Free-schooling
  • Cavalletti work on circles
  • Jumping on a circle
  • Grids for novice horses
  • 4 to 6-week plan for basic training
  • 4 to 6-week plan for a dressage horse
  • 4 to 6-week plan for a jumping horse
  • Ideas for young riders

Since its first publication in 1969, Cavalletti has become a standard reference book that all riders should have at hand. 

Additional Information

Author: Ingrid Klimke

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 156

Illustrations: 138 color photographs, 24 color diagrams

ISBN: 9781570769276

By Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid Klimke is an international trainer of dressage, show jumping, and event horses, and currently competes for Germany as a dressage rider and eventer. She had always been able to call on her father Reiner Klimke's experience but has also been greatly influenced by Fritz Ligges, Ian Miller, and Anne Kursinski. She's appeared at five Olympics, from 2000 to 2016 and won two gold medals in team eventing, in 2008 and 2012. She won a team silver medal the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. She has top placings in numerous World Equestrian Games, European Championships, and German Championships. Klimke lives and trains in Münster, Germany, where she has been named “Sportswoman of the Year” eleven times. In 2020 she was named Peden Bloodstock FEI Award “Best Athlete of the Decade” (