Chris Bartle's Cross-Country Training

Chris Bartle

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Safety is one of the most important topics in eventing. The experts agree that good training of horse and rider is the best prerequisite for safe cross-country riding. According to Chris Bartle, eventing coach and veteran international rider in both eventing and dressage, success in the sport is based on the following: the position of the rider (posture, balance, seat, legs, and hands), communication (trouble-free connection to the horse's mouth), a sense of speed (rhythm and length of stride), the adherence to line and balance, and proficient mental skills (positive attitude, trust, and concentration). This DVD will school you in:

  • How safe seat positions can help you ride successfully through the cross-country course.
  • Which five cross-country seat positions should be known by every cross-country rider.
  • How you can sit in balance with your horse both before and after the jump.
  • Which are the most common seat errors and how you can avoid them.
  • How the "oh-crap" position can rescue you and your horse from difficult situations.

Join Coach Bartle for over an hour of enlightening instruction and become a better and safer event rider.

Additional Information

Author: Chris Bartle

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run Time: 108 minutes


ISBN: 9783954990887

By Chris Bartle

Christopher Bartle FBHS is a British equestrian who has enjoyed success in both dressage and eventing. He has been the Managing Director of the Yorkshire Riding Centre and Performance Coach to the British Three Day Event Team. Bartle was a member of the British Dressage Team from 1981 to 1987. From 2001 to 2016, together with Hans Melzer, he was the German Three Day Eventing National Team Trainer.