Crown Prince Set

Books One and Two in the Brookmeade Young Riders Series

Linda Snow McLoon

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This money-saving set includes both books from the Brookmeade Young Riders Series.


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Author: Linda Snow McLoon

Format: Paperback

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By Linda Snow McLoon

Linda Snow McLoon was that girl who always wanted a horse of her own but had to wait until she was an adult for her dream to come true. She and her horse Bayberry competed in horse shows, dressage competitions, and horse trials. Linda taught young riders as a U.S. Pony Club Affiliate Coordinator of Instruction, and along the way bred and raced Thoroughbred racehorses. She lives in Portland, Maine.

Elizabeth Letts, NYT Bestselling Author, Says:

"Get ready to fall in love with the story of Crown Prince and Sarah. Chock-a-block with accurate equestrian details, well-paced, and full of heart, the story of Sarah and her off-the-track one-dollar purchase is the story of how hard-work, determination and love for horses can make any young rider's dream come true."