Dog Anatomy Workbook

A Learning Guide for Students, Breeders and Canine Enthusiasts

Andrew Gardiner and Maggie Raynor



The Dog Anatomy Workbook is not a text book of anatomy, but a practical learning aid that will help readers grasp important aspects of canine topographical anatomy. Throughout there are interactive opportunities to color and label bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and all other systems of the canine body. The ability to both "see" and "do" something while studying the intricacies of body structure is an effective method of learning and one which readers can tailor to their own needs. The editor has added various items of clinical relevance all the way through the book to remind readers how important anatomy is to diagnosis and treatment. The book will be of value to a wide range of people&mdashveterinary and veterinary technician students and practitioners, animal science students, kennel staff, groomers, dog physical therapists and other care givers, as well as owners, artists, and many others who are interested in dogs. It strikes a good balance between the anatomical exactitude and achievable and practical learning.

Additional Information

Author: Andrew Gardiner and Maggie Raynor

Format: Hardcover concealed spiral

Page Count: 216

Illustrations: line drawings & color photos

ISBN: 9781570766961

By Andrew Gardiner and Maggie Raynor

Andrew Gardiner, BVM&S, Cert SAS, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, is a Veterinary Clinical Lecturer at University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is also the author of First Aid for Dogs.

Maggie Raynor is a sought-after animal illustrator. She trained in sculpture at Sheffield College of Art and moved on to study print-making at the Royal College of Art. She lives in Sheffield, England.