Dressage Solutions

A Rider's Guide

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg

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A practical and comprehensive guide for dressage riders. It covers those important early years where there should be both trust and respect between the horse and rider—without which no good riding can result. Lungeing, backing, and the rider's seat are discussed in depth with particular emphasis given to early training and lateral work. A problems and answers section at the end of each chapter looks at solutions for both horse and rider.

Illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams to show correct examples and faults, Dressage Solutions is an invaluable dressage guide for both intermediate and advanced riders.

Additional Information

Author: Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 208

Illustrations: 80 color photos and 67 illustrations

ISBN: 9781570766824

By Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg was born in Vienna in 1945. His parents owned the oldest riding school in the city and he started riding on his own pony at the age of two and a half. Although originally expected to join his grandfather’s haulage firm, Arthur had other ideas and, in 1960, he succeeded in joining the Spanish Riding School as an Elève (trainee). Progressing rapidly, he became an Assistant Rider in 1964 and a Rider in 1969. In 1981 he became Chief Rider, and in 1983 Riding Master. From 1995 until his retirement from the School in 2002, he was First Chief Rider.

He is a rider and trainer of the highest international repute, and has successfully trained many horses and riders up to Olympic standard. With a philosophy of training and riding firmly rooted in the precepts of the Spanish Riding School, he is a fervent advocate of true classical horsemanship.

Dressage Today Says:

“An invaluable dressage guide for both intermediate and advanced riders.”

USDF Connection Says:

“Simple, clear, and unfussy...the reference I’ll be turning to for advice in tackling all those little (or not so little) training quandaries.”