Fit to Ride in 9 Weeks!

Achieve Straightness, Suppleness, and Stamina In the Saddle

Heather Sansom



Regardless of discipline, level of expertise, training philosophy, body shape, or fitness level, all riders do better—in horse-related activities both on the ground and in the saddle—when they take care of their bodies and maintain their fitness in ways other than just riding. While riding is a great way to enjoy an active lifestyle, on its own it is not enough to condition and tone the body to the degree we need, and then the horse must make up the fitness gap in our physical partnership. If our reflexes are slow, if our bodies fatigue, if our position collapses, if tension patterns appear, then the horse suffers repetitive asymmetrical strain or develops compensatory movement habits. It is for his good, as well as ours, that certified personal trainer and riding coach Heather Sansom has developed an utterly achievable 9-week plan to give every rider the straightness, suppleness, strength, and stamina she needs to ride her best. With hundreds of one-of-a-kind illustrations depicting accurate musculature on the rider's body, and dozens of proven exercises organized in a progressive fitness program with easy-to-use schedule charts, Sansom's book is the key to enjoying the ride, being fair to your horse, and getting into fabulous shape—in just a couple of months.  

Additional Information

Author: Heather Sansom

Format: eBook

Page Count: 208

Illustrations: 300 color photos, 75 color artworks

ISBN: 9781570768309

By Heather Sansom

Heather Sansom has been involved in fitness and competitive sport for over 25 years, and in equestrianism for over 35 years. She is a nationally certified life coach and fitness trainer and internationally and nationally certified equestrian coach. A leader in rider fitness, she has published several books and over 200 columns on fitness and training in national and international equestrian magazines, including Dressage Today and Horse Sport.

In addition to Equifitt fitness and equestrian training, Heather practices life & wellbeing coaching, as well as consulting and research in areas related to health and well-being with a special focus on psycho-social development through nature-based activity. She is presently working on her PhD, researching resilience in youth participants in 4-H horse programs. In addition to training clients and conducting clinics and workshops, Heather speaks on topics related to fitness, equestrian sport and conditioning, and goal-setting.

Trail Rider Says:

“The key to enjoying the ride, being fair to your horse, and getting into fabulous shape—in just a couple of months.”

Equine Journal Says:

“Chock full of exercises for riders…. The reasons why we, as riders, should be fit for the sake of our horses and how to do just that in a simple nine-week-long plan.”