Gymnastic Riding System using Mind, Body, and Spirit

Progressive Training for Rider and Horse

Betsy Steiner



A multifaceted training system for riders and horses of all levels.

Most books discuss the physical aspects of riding: horse position, rider position, use of aids, schooling exercises, and movements. Betsy Steiner, however, an international rider and trainer, believes that the physical is just one-third of the riding equation, and that two equally important vital components—the intellectual and the psychological—are often ignored. Her approach to riding and training is to use the body, mind, and spirit, all working together to create a rich experience she call gymnastic training that addresses horse and rider as the three-dimensional beings that they are.

This training system is geared toward maintaining proper form and alignment—crucial for human and equine athletes alike. Progress is achieved by use of inventive gymnastic schooling exercises for the horse, and a tailored program of Pilates exercises enabling the rider to become athletic, lithe, energetic, and flexible.

Additional Information

Author: Betsy Steiner

Format: eBook

Page Count: 272

Illustrations: 165 color photos, 35 line drawings

ISBN: 9781570767500

By Betsy Steiner

A United States Dressage Federation Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist, Betsy Steiner has represented the United States in major dressage competitions around the world and shown several horses at international Grand Prix level. She is a busy teacher, trainer, and clinician based in New Jersey and Florida and currently serves on the United States Equestrian Team Dressage Committee. Betsy has worked with a series of great trainers, whom she credits for her knowledge and success, including Uwe Steiner, Christilot Boylen, Egon von Neindorff, George Theodorescu, Herbert Rehbein, and Klaus Balkenhol. An advocate for rider fitness and health, Betsy developed an equestrian-specific workout called “Equilates” and integrated it with the Classical Training Pyramid (

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“Refreshingly different...transcends the average how-to text.”