Half Halt—Demystified! Part 1 (DVD or Streaming Video)

Learning the Half Halt

Jane Savoie



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Jane Savoie demonstrates the four requirements—forward, straight, rhythm, and contact—that must be solidly understood by both horse and rider before attempting a half halt. She then breaks down the half halt into its individual elements and shows the rider why and how to use it. Her fresh and innovative approach to teaching this often misunderstood aid to balancing the horse will help all riders, many of whom may have struggled with the concept for years.

Additional Information

Author: Jane Savoie

Format: Streaming Video

Page Count: Run Time: 45 minutes


ISBN: 9781570763588

By Jane Savoie

On January 4, 2021, the equestrian world lost a tenacious competitor, committed teacher, and extraordinarily vibrant presence. Dressage competitor, coach, instructor, speaker, and author Jane Savoie spent five years battling multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, and as was her nature, never once giving up.

Jane leaves behind a legacy of learning materials she passionately created and curated over the course of a riding and teaching career that spanned decades and continents. Teaching, in all its forms—from coaching Olympic teams to instructing amateur riders to presenting inspiring motivational talks at events—was her calling, and one to which she gave generously, infusing every lesson with boundless energy and exciting ideas. Jane was committed to giving every rider and every experience level equal opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve goals, big and small. She found the best way to reach more individuals with in-depth training that anyone could afford was through books and videos. A prolific writer, Jane’s first instructional book was published in 1992 (That Winning Feeling!) and her last in 2020 (Dressage Between the Jumps) with many others in between. 

Through her books and videos, Jane’s extraordinary knowledge and innovative training techniques remain available to those seeking breakthroughs in their riding and in their lives. In this way, her true passion for teaching and learning lives on.

Horse Illustrated Says:

“A user-friendly approach to an often confusing concept.”