Horse Movement

Structure, Function and Rehabilitation

Gail Williams and Lex McKenna



Anatomy is often said to be boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior horse management and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges associated with riding, training, overtraining, injury, and rehabilitation. Using Alexa McKenna's fabulous illustrations, this book shows the correlation of the skeleton, muscular system and locomotion, providing a clear insight into the functional and dysfunctional horse.

It addresses the largely misunderstood concept of "perfect conformation" and looks at the effect of the rider and tack on the function of the horse, using cutting-edge diagnostic techniques such as thermal imaging and gait analysis.

Again with the emphasis on the visual, readers will be able to appreciate how muscles function in differing athletic disciplines by analyzing the heat generated in musculoskeletal structures after exercise. This will also highlight the importance of post-competition recovery.

The book concludes with a range of useful techniques to improve the function of any horse, including stretches, taping, wrapping, and other proprioceptive techniques to increase balance, flexibility, awareness, and posture.

Additional Information

Author: Gail Williams and Lex McKenna

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 192

Illustrations: color photos and diagrams throughout

ISBN: 9781908809117

By Gail Williams and Lex McKenna

Gail Williams PhD has a first class honors degree in animal science and a PhD in equine biomechanics from Bristol Veterinary School. She is a qualified veterinary physiotherapist and works with many top vets, horses and riders in the UK and USA. In the UK she is based in Warwickshire; in the USA she operates from Santa Ynez Valley, California. Her first book, No Foot, No Horse: Foot Balance—The Key to Soundness and Performance, is extremely popular worldwide and has been translated into many languages. Gail lectures around the globe on all aspects of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and her scientific research papers have been published in major veterinary journals. She is Head of Education and Training/Senior Consulting Veterinary Physiotherapist for the Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy (ASSVAP). She has written and delivered BSc and MSc degrees for UK Universities, has also successfully supervised many MSc and PhD students, and acts as an external examiner for post-graduate students at many universities.

Alexa McKenna BVM&S received her veterinary degree from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, and has been illustrating scientific texts and teaching material since 1984. She is currently a small animal general practitioner and continues her education in equine rehabilitation, physiotherapy and veterinary acupuncture. She lives in her home town of Santa Barbara, California.