In the World of the Friesians (DVD)


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A breeding portrait on DVD, shot in the Netherlands and in Germany in 1993, this video examines the carefully established breeding plans and strict selection principles of The Royal Friesian Horse Studbook. You’ll see pictures from stallion licensing in Leeuwarden, the central stallion performance test in Drachten, and a breeding show in Esbeek.

Viewers will visit breeding farms and see promising youngsters and famous stallions, including a visit with the legendary (now deceased) stallion Hearke. A special highlight of the DVD is a daily report about the Royal Marstall in The Hague where Friesian horses serve faithfully in line of duty even today.Friesians are incredibly multi-talented: They are riding and driving horses, and partners for both pleasure riding and competition. You’ll see examples of this as well as circus and festival performances in which Friesians were featured.

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Author: PferdiaTV

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run Time: 45 minutes


ISBN: 4260000132781

By PferdiaTV

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