Jumps, Etc.

Jumps, Dressage Arenas and Stable Equipment You Can Build

Lisa Campbell

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Combine Lisa Campbell's clear directions and photos with Diann Landau's illustrations and, well, anyone with a little ambition and a few good tools can build the projects within these pages. Each project includes a ready-to-go-to-the-store shopping list, detailed instructions and plans, and helpful photos. There's even tips on how you can individualize projects using painting schemes or logos. Full details on setting up dressage arenas, including making the letters, are also provided. And if you're not up to the challenge, the plans can be handed over to a professional or amateur carpenter who's not even a horse personor to an enthusiastic spouse!

Additional Information

Author: Lisa Campbell

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 96


ISBN: 9780939481569

By Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell is a lifelong horsewoman, a graduate of Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship, and an award-winning journalist, whose work has appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse, Western Horseman, and USCTA NEWS, among others. She's also really handy with tools! She lives in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband and two children.