Knitting Double

Mastering the Two-Color Technique with Over 30 Reversible Projects

Anja Belle

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Knitting double, also known as "double knitting," is a technique by which knitters can create two fabrics at the same time, and this guidebook includes step-by-step instructions with photographs to help master this method. Crafters learn how the front and back are knitted simultaneously and the stitches are worked in pairs. While the "right side" of the fabric normally faces outward, and the "wrong side" faces the inside of the work, double knitting creates the illusion of a fabric with no wrong side. More than 30 projects are included, beginning with basic patterns and simpler projects, such as hats or scarves, and moving into the more complex, such as mittens, potholders, and even cell phone cozies. This book is the perfect resource for the intermediate to advanced knitter looking to expand their repertoire.

Additional Information

Author: Anja Belle

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 80

Illustrations: 88 color photographs, 16 diagrams

ISBN: 9781570766046

By Anja Belle