Light and Easy Dressage

How to Enjoy and Succeed at Dressage at Every Level

Pennie Hillsdon

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Penny Hillsdon’s goal is for dressage training to bring pleasure and happy partnership to both horse and rider. This is ultimate achievement not just the fancy movements displayed and judged in the competitive arena. This book explains how average, amateur riders can attain a satisifying relationship with the horse while proceeding happily through the dressage levels.

Additional Information

Author: Pennie Hillsdon

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 208

Illustrations: 100 color photographs

ISBN: 9780851319308

By Pennie Hillsdon

Penny Hillsdon grew up not far from Goodwood and had the opportunity to watch international riders. By the mid 1980s she was competing at Advanced level and progressed from Prix St Georges to Grand Prix in one year. Wishing to promote the sport of dressage and make it more accessible, she has recently founded Dressage For All, which has the aim of 'making quality training achievable, affordable and fun.