Noble. Courageous. Eternal.

Keron Psillas


A visual story of the Lusitano horse adeptly told through the camera lens of Keron Psillas Oliveira. Keron tells her story of meeting, photographing, and ultimately living in the land of her beloved Lusitano horse:

“I want my photographs to represent the eternal qualities that emanate from the horses. For these horses are noble and courageous. They are dignified, kind, trusting, and engaging. And yet, there is something more, an ineffable quality found in the Lusitano that I have not found in other breeds. I believe that this horse is a direct channel to what we might call the spark of the Divine. The Lusitano has expanded my consciousness and enriched my life for more than 15 years. The photographs in this collection are a record of a journey shared with these magnificent beings.” —Keron Psillas Oliveira

Additional Information

Author: Keron Psillas

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 96

Illustrations: 69 photos


By Keron Psillas

Keron Psillas is a professional photographer and writer with an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. She lives in Portugal, in the land of her beloved Lusitano horses. Psillas often teaches in the United States and in Europe, and maintains a robust mentoring program that she credits as a source of continuing inspiration. She leads trips in Europe, the United States, and in South America, often with other internationally acclaimed photographers, including Charlie Waite and Arthur Meyerson.