Master Dressage

Ride More Beautiful Tests, Achieve Higher Marks and Have a Better Relationship with Your Horse

Peter Dove

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Approaching dressage from a newcomer's perspective can be a little daunting. There seems to be so much to learn, so much to understand and some confusion surrounding what judges are looking for in tests. Even experienced riders find it difficult to break out of the 65–70% range in their test marks.

Using the steps of accuracy, fluidity, understanding, practice and review Master Dressage gives readers a clear framework on which they can build confidence in their approach to dressage training and test riding. These steps reveal where readers could be losing valuable marks and arms them with the understanding needed to achieve much higher scores. Published privately, the first edition of this book was a great success, garnering over five-star reviews and being placed in the top best-selling books on Amazon. Its popularity owed much to the "easy to understand language," the clear diagrams and photographs and the overall philosophy of communication, empathy and skill development. These aspects are all retained in this revised edition, which has been expanded to include chapters on groundwork, and rider fitness. After reading this book you will be able to have a better relationship with your horse, ride more beautiful tests and get higher marks.

Additional Information

Author: Peter Dove

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 192

Illustrations: color photographs

ISBN: 9781910016084

By Peter Dove

Peter Dove has been riding, teaching and learning dressage for over 25 years. In the 15 years he has been at East Soley EC2000 he has judged and taught combined, some 9000 riders competing at intro to elementary level and beyond. Over the 15 years he has developed systematic ways of explaining how to improve results competing at dressage. Peter is taught by Mary Wanless BHSI BSc and considers her teachings of rider biomechanics to be one of the main keys to success at all levels of riding and is forever in her debt for all she has taught.