Novice to Advanced Dressage Horse by Leonie M.Marshall

Leonie M. Marshall

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Novice to Advanced Dressage is directed primarily towards ordinary riders who might, through training their horses, develop a desire to compete. It explains how to prepare and ride a test and describes what the judge is looking for and how to try to achieve that way of going. The book guides riders through all the competitive levels in a systematic and easy to read style.

Additional Information

Author: Leonie M. Marshall

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 120


ISBN: 9780851316314

By Leonie M. Marshall

Leonie Marshall has been involved with riding, teaching, training and judging dressage horses for over four decades. She has trained a number of horses to Advanced standard, was an international dressage rider and is now a List 1 judge. The author represented Great Britain on a horse she trained herself and many other equine pupils competed internationally including a horse ridden by her husband, Barry, in a World Championship. Leonie Marshall was one of the original 10 British trainers travelling Europe on the Elizabeth Joicey trainers scheme and has since written several books on dressage.