Pilates for Equestrians

Achieve the Winning Edge with Increased Core Stability

Liz Randall



A guide to how Pilates can help you develop a more effective riding position and achieve better competition results.

Additional Information

Author: Liz Randall

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 190

Illustrations: color throughout

ISBN: 9781910016015

By Liz Randall

Liza Randall combines her two loves as an equestrian writer and Pilates coach from her case in the Cotswolds. Author of Pilates for Equestrians and former editor of British Eventing Life magazine, she has a passion for eventing, whether watching or competing. Liza is an advocate of classes being available to riders of all abilities, and worked with British Eventing when the BE80 Training series was launched. As an equestrian Pilates coach, Liza trains amateur and professional riders alike, teaching the recruitment of core muscles to develop balance, strength and coordination.

Horse & Hound Magazine Says:

"All of the exercises are explained clearly, with
excellent accompanying."