Reining Essentials

How to Excel in Western‛s Hottest Sport

Sandy Collier



World Champion trainer and rider Sandy Collier provides this indispensable guide of progressive training exercises for the reining horse. Whether green broke, or “push-button,” every horse will perform more willingly, cleanly, and quickly with work on what she calls the “Seven Essentials”—the foundational basics every riding horse needs. Like no other book out there, Collier breaks down the maneuvers required in a reining pattern and the tricks and techniques for introducing them, perfecting them, and showing them off in competition.

You’ll learn about:

• Collection and steering—condensing your horse’s frame and getting his feet to follow his nose
• Lead departures, circles, and spins—preparing for the lope, “hunting the circle,” and driving into the spin
• Stops, back-ups, and rollbacks—perfecting the slide, moving backward with cadence, and swinging ‘round 180 degrees over the hocks
• Lead changes—getting it right and preventing anticipation


Additional Information

Author: Sandy Collier

Format: eBook

Page Count: 240

Illustrations: 175 color photos, 25 illustrations

ISBN: 9781570769689

By Sandy Collier

Born in Massachusetts and raised in New England, Sandy Collier’s love of horses began at an early age. She competed in her first horse show at the age of 6, then continued to compete in events throughout her school years. After deciding that college was not for her, she traveled across Canada, and in 1972 ended up in Santa Barbara, California. At the age of 19, she found work that suited her at the Tajiguas Ranch where her main responsibilities were feeding, grooming, training and shoeing the ranch’s horses. Saddlemaking, tack braiding and breaking horses were duties that were added to her ever widening range of tasks.
With the help of Doug Ingersoll, Sandy began to compete in events of the California Reined Cow Horse Association showing Quarter Horses. In 1979, she moved to Santa Ynez where she worked for trainer Tom Shelly for one year before going out on her own. She managed a full barn while working part-time as an emergency technician for a mobile life support company and then in a hospital emergency room. In the early 1980′s, she began to make a name for herself in CRCHA events with wins that included an open bridle championship, a year-end open hackamore championship and a Snaffle Bit Futurity open finals placing and ladies division reserve championship.

In 1991, Sandy won the herd work preliminaries on Skip To My Joye in the Snaffle Bit Futurity’s open division. Then in 1993, she won the NRCHA World Championship Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Championship on Miss Rey Dry.

To date, she is the only female rider to win the world’s toughest cow horse event.

Horse & Rider Magazine Says:

Even if you never plan to compete in reining, you can use Sandy’s methods to develop a well-broke horse for any sport.”

American Quarter Horse Journal Says:

“Whether you are schooling a reiner for competition or just making a good all-around horse, this book is a real pleasure. It makes you want to get started right away so that you, too, can achieve these things.”