Ride From Within

Use Tai Chi Principles to Awaken Your Natural Balance and Rhythm

James Shaw



Have you ever seen a talented dressage rider performing an exquisite test, her seat seemingly melding with her horse’s back, and his movements airy, animated, and effortless? Or, perhaps you have watched a great cutting horse at work, his direction and momentum changing on a dime as he reads his cow, his rider’s body flowing fluidly above him as if they were one.

We all dream of experiencing this kind of connection with our horses, and in this groundbreaking new book, James Shaw shows us how the practice of Tai Chi—an ancient Chinese art that unifies the body, mind, and spirit in a series of flowing movements—can help us achieve it. His methods will enable you to: develop a sensitive seat; learn to use your breath as an aid; reduce tension unconsciously held in your hands; lower and expand your center of balance; create free movement in your lower back and spine; heal pain and stiffness in your body; and much more.

Additional Information

Author: James Shaw

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 224

Illustrations: 137 color photos, 26 line drawings

ISBN: 9781570763182

By James Shaw

James Shaw has been a student of the martial arts for nearly forty years. By combining the structural balance of Tai Chi, the energy work of Chi Gong, and the healing aspects of Laing Gong, James has created his unique “Tai Chi for the Equestrian,” explained in full in his ground-breaking book. He begins by working with riders on the ground to discover and amend imbalances in their bodies. Then, through mounted work, riders transfer this new understanding into the saddle and see dramatic changes in their connection with their horse. James’ techniques work for all types of riders and have been successfully applied by recreational, professional, and Olympic-level equestrians.

James travels extensively, presenting his clinics throughout the United States and United Kingdom. You can learn more about him and his clinics by visiting his website, ridefromwithin.com.

American Quarter Horse Journal Says:

"With the use of spectacular photography, informative text and a gift for explaining complex ideas, Shaw has developed a marvelous book."