Ride with Your Mind Essentials

Innovative Learning Strategies for Basic Riding Skills

Mary Wanless


While the horse world is rich in descriptions that tell us what horse and rider should look like, we lack good information about exactly ‘how’ to produce the desired results. Good horsemen ride well without knowing how they do it, and without understanding why you are not like them and cannot do it too.
During twenty-three years of research it has been Mary Wanless's personal mission to expose the secrets of horsemanship, breaking down riding skills into ‘bite-size chunks’ and finding ways of describing them that work for average riders. The net result is that her acclaimed ‘Ride With Your Mind’ teaching methods can successfully turn average riders into talented ones.

By using the learning strategies given here the rider will discover how to connect with the horse in a way that makes sense to him and enables him to carry himself well, in self-carriage. At the same time the techniques offer the rider security, stability and effectiveness in the saddle—often to a level beyond her wildest dreams.

Additional Information

Author: Mary Wanless

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 144

Illustrations: Color drawings

ISBN: 9781872119526

By Mary Wanless

Mary Wanless has combined her lifetime of equestrian knowledge with experience gained by studying psychology, biofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, Tai Chi, massage, dance, anatomy, sports psychology, and educational kinesiology. This has led her to develop an extraordinarily effective method of teaching, based on an understanding of the biomechanical demands of riding and the communication styles that make riding skills easy to learn.