Riding Logic

Transform Riding Skills to “Art on Horseback” with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping

Wilhelm Müseler



This book is on the USDF Instructor Certification Recommended Reading List.

Wilhelm Müseler's text on riding and horsemanship is internationally revered, and it has now, for the first time, been completely modernized with color photos of the leading riders of the twenty–first century. An expert horseman, Müseler not only provides a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that will help readers attain and maintain the highest level of riding skill, he also offers the theoretical tools that can transform the experienced rider into the classical equestrian ideal—an artist on horseback.

The first section of the book is devoted to perfecting the rider's seat, hands, balance, and use of the back. Müseler explains why the rider, from the very first lesson, must concurrently master the three interdependent aspects of rider training—seat, feeling, and influence—in order to become an equestrian of the highest caliber.

Müseler then turns his attention to the schooling of both the green and trained horse on the flat, with work in three training "stages" beginning with the first backing and ending in self-carriage. He provides lessons for improving suppleness, introductory exercises on the trail and over fences, and corrective work for various behavioral or training problems.

Additional Information

Author: Wilhelm Müseler

Format: eBook

Page Count: 176

Illustrations: 58 color photos

ISBN: 9781646011018

By Wilhelm Müseler

Wilhelm Müseler was a highly respected and well–known rider and trainer in Berlin, Germany in the 1930s. Born in 1887, he received riding instruction in the German military, where he learned that proper gymnasticizing of the horse and “academic riding” was not only the basis for dressage, but for all disciplines. His book on the subject was first published in 1933.