Schooling Horses in Hand (DVD)

A Means of Suppling and Collection

Richard Hinrichs

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For centuries, horses have been schooled in hand within the classical schools of riding, yet today work in hand is often forgotten, set aside as unimportant, or thought to be too time-consuming by modern trainers. In this DVD, German trainer Richard Hinrichs, an acknowledged expert on schooling in hand, shows how his program of schooling from the ground builds trust, obedience, and balance in the horse. He clearly demonstrates that in-hand work is an excellent way of supporting and complementing work under saddle, and can be especially helpful for riders striving to achieve the higher-level movements for dressage competition.

Additional Information

Author: Richard Hinrichs

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run Time: 45 minutes


ISBN: 9781570763373

By Richard Hinrichs

Richard Hinrichs trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna as a young man. Today he performs widely with his Lipizzaner and Andalusian horses, demonstrating the fine art of classical horsemanship.