Sports Massage for Horses

Pennie Hooper

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Whether your horse is a trained competitor or a weekend trail mount, he can suffer from muscular stiffness, strain, and injury, just like a human athlete. All of these common complaints can be treated—and further physical deterioration avoided—with sports massage. In this superbly illustrated, step–by–step guide, human and equine massage therapist Pennie Hooper explains that, with a little practice and simple techniques—namely compression and cross–fiber friction—you can give your horse a basic sports massage. Not only will his physical self transform as he feels better and moves more freely; you will find his responsiveness and general attitude toward work will improve, as well.

Additional Information

Author: Pennie Hooper

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 60

Illustrations: 62 color photos and 15 illustrations

ISBN: 9781570753250

By Pennie Hooper

Pennie Hooper is a successful human and equine sports massage therapist. She was trained at the highly respected Jack Meagher Institute in the United States, and since graduating in 1996, has treated horses around the world, often working closely with veterinarians. When not traveling, she lives in London.