Stable Core Training (Pre-Order)

A New Approach to Rider Alignment, Centering, Grounding, and Positive Tension for Elite Performance in the Saddle

Joyce Kramer



Coming October 2024

Creative concepts and exercises that fundamentally improve your riding foundation, enabling you to excel in any training system or discipline.

When horsewoman and certified personal trainer Joyce Kramer discovered that the riders most committed to fitness were not reaping the benefits of their improved athleticism on horseback, she abandoned the standard protocol for developing strength, endurance, and stability. Her background in the study of movement and holding patterns enabled her to develop her own unique approach to physical training capable of improving riding function and performance in such dramatic ways, it can bring out what she calls the “inner elite rider” in everyone.

Using phenomenal hand-drawn imagery and engaging photographs of her own students at work, Kramer begins her book by clarifying the four most important ingredients to riding in harmony with an equine partner, as well as the aspects that nurture a sense of “feel” in the rider:

  • Alignment
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • Positive Tension

The second part of the book focuses on rider position, deconstructing the body’s sections and again using imagery to enable readers to connect all their “parts” into one cohesive, breathing, supple “whole.” An optimal position allows the horse to carry the rider comfortably and efficiently, promoting performance to the very best of his ability.

Finally, Kramer takes the reader on a journey to the “deep core,” which she has identified as key not only to limiting extraneous movement of the exterior body visible to others, but also to the energy exchange at the most exciting level of connection with a horse. Bones, internal organs, and spinal stabilizers are engaged on the ground and in the saddle, using sound cues, proprioceptive props, and imagery, with mind-blowing results.

With hundreds of images, tips, and exercises that can be modified according to age and ability, and an excitingly fresh perspective, this book can be the key to any rider reaching the next level in the saddle—whether that means excelling in a whole new division of competition, or recovering or rebuilding after time away from the sport. Every page is full of fun, engaging answers to your riding questions, ideas for clearing your stumbling blocks, and the endless promise of pursuing an activity you love in the company of your horse.

Additional Information

Author: Joyce Kramer

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 264

Illustrations: 175 color photographs and color illustrations

ISBN: 9781646012008

By Joyce Kramer

Joyce Kramer earned a BS in Animal Science from Cornell and a master’s degree in Agricultural Education from the University of New Hampshire. She has completed extensive coursework in Education and Special Education at the University of Vermont. Her educational background has informed her professional career teaching horseback riding, which now spans over 50 years and includes the direction of numerous learn-to-ride programs and summer
camps throughout the Northeast. Kramer has also been a personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise for over a decade. She continues to passionately study the fields of movement, posture, biomechanics, somatics, and mind-body techniques to further inform her innovative Stable Core Training program. Kramer regularly teaches her approach to students, including Grand Prix dressage riders and top-level eventers, in regions hear her home base in Wilder, Vermont.