Suppleness through Flexion and Bend (DVD)

Dressage Explained: Part 3

Britta Schöffmann

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No circle, no volte, not even a corner is ridden without flexion and bend. Why? Firstly, by using a combination of both, longitudinal bending increases suppleness from nose to tail and helps correct a horse's natural crookedness. Secondly, it makes it possible for the horse to stay balanced through turns when carrying a rider. In turn it reduces the loading of the inside foreleg, as well as working his neck and body muscles by alternating between stretching and contracting. Therefore, bending work has an incredible gymnasticizing effect and plays a very important role in maintaining soundness. Understand and learn:

  • How you can apply your aids
  • Why young horses must be introduced to the concept of flexion and bend
  • The effect the flexion and bend aids have
  • What happens in the horse's body when flexing and bending
  • What flexion and bend have to do with the diagonal aids
  • What you can do when it doesn't all go to plan

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Author: Britta Schöffmann

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run time: 82 minutes


ISBN: 9783954997572

By Britta Schöffmann

Dr. Britta Schöffmann, with a PhD in Sports Science, is an internationally successful author, having written various dressage training books. Her own riding education was shaped by Masters such as Fritz Tempelmann, Harry Boldt and Klaus Balkenhol. The former Grand Prix rider receives suggestions and ideas for her practical writing style in her daily interaction with riding pupils of all levels and horses of various breeds.