A Book for Little Dreamers

Dorie McCullough Lawson



What happens when a little boy who lives near the ocean dreams of tall mountains to climb, wide open fields to run through, dusty boots to stomp, and a pony for a best friend?He becomes Tex, a rugged little cowboy with a great big job. Tex works on the Wymont Ranch. Each day is full of important responsibilities. Tex has animals to look after and ranch chores to do.

In this engaging tale that deftly connects the power of a child's imagination with a very real look inside the colorful world of the American West, readers follow Tex through his day, meet his friends (four-legged and two), and wind up in some unexpected places. Illustrated with beautiful and authentic photographs, Tex is sure to win the hearts of little dreamers everywhere.

Additional Information

Author: Dorie McCullough Lawson

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 44

Illustrations: 17 color photos

ISBN: 9781570765018

By Dorie McCullough Lawson

Dorie McCullough Lawson lives in Maine with her husband, painter T. Allen Lawson, and their four children. Daughter of the writer David McCullough, she is the author of Posterity and Along Comes a Stranger. Tex is her second book set in the American West and her first book for children. And just like Tex, she knows how wonderful it is to have a horse for a best friend!