The Gaited Horse Bible

Buying, Training, and Riding Naturally Gaited Horses— Humane Techniques for Conscientious Horsemen

Brenda Imus



The gaited horse—bred and trained to perform smooth-to-ride, ground-covering alternative gaits (not the trot/jog or canter/lope) that can often be sustained long distances and sometimes at astounding speeds—has steadily gained mainstream popularity as a pleasure or trail mount, in addition to its traditional status as a top-notch show-ring competitor. While generations of careful breeding have instilled a natural ability to "gait" in certain breeds, the "smooth saddle gaits" are not necessarily automatic. This means that riders, whether exploring the backcountry or vying for a championship ribbon, need to train their gaited horse to be able to perform, and then school him to perform well, consistently, and without doing damage to his body.

"The best person to develop your gaited horse's smooth saddle gaits is you! "writes renowned gaited-horse trainer and clinician Brenda Imus in The Gaited Horse Bible. "You need to learn only a few basic principles to develop and maintain your horse's gaits. As you do, you will build an important relationship with him (as well as saving trainer's fees). It's a 'win-win' situation all the way around. 

From the simplest, clearest explanation of the "Gait Spectrum" you'll find, to a discussion of gaited horse breeds (their history, characteristics, and uses) and gaits (running walk, rack, fox trot, tolt, trocha, for example), to an in-depth study of conformation, movement, and soundness—it's all in this terrific resources. Year-by-year basic training and advanced schooling, including flexion, collection, and lateral work to improve natural gaiting ability, is followed by a superb problem-solving section that features simple exercises for alleviating common behavioral problems, avoiding and correcting physical issues, and fixing deviations in a horse's smooth gaits. With a summary of bridles, bits, saddle fit and back dynamics, as well as optimal shoeing and trimming for gaited horses, The Gaited Horse Bible is the perfect how-to package for every gaited horse rider and owner.

Additional Information

Author: Brenda Imus

Format: eBook

Page Count: 256

Illustrations: 125 color photos

ISBN: 9781570769696

By Brenda Imus

Brenda Imus operated a gaited horse farm in Southwestern New York State. She published several equestrian-related books and DVDs on the topic of horses, and for 15 years enjoyed working with gaited horses and their riders. Brenda presented her training methods at horse expos and private clinics, and worked with individuals and small groups from her farm. Her popular website,, offers free online training advice, as well as a friendly and informative message board. As a result of her experience with gaited horses, Brenda designed a unique line of tack that enhances the horse’s comfort, and improves communication between horse and rider. Sadly, Brenda passed away on March 23, 2013.

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“…a one-stop shopping source for learning all the basics of owning and riding a gaited horse.”