The Rider's Balance

Understanding the Weight Aids

Sylvia Loch

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How to best communicate with the horse has long been pondered, studied, and deciphered. From a handler's body language on the ground to the rider's use of “aids” (seat, legs, reins) when in the saddle, the ways we convey our wishes to the horse are the essential foundation of the partnership we seek with him. Although the basic aids are taught at the most elementary levels of equitation, renowned classical dressage trainer Sylvia Loch feels that most riders never fully realize how their weight when mounted impacts the horse in hundreds of nuanced ways–both good and bad. Developing an understanding of “weight aids” ensures that riders cultivate better balance and “feel,” ultimately riding with more empathy and a finer connection. Here, Loch provides an image-driven visual guide that shows how each tiny shift of the rider's weight affects the horse's balance. With the help of dozens of illustrations and fabulous color photographs, she demonstrates the minute changes in rider position that determine a horse's comprehension of instruction as well as his physical ability to perform. With this book, novice riders will develop a much greater awareness of their own bodies and abilities, as well as those of the horse, from Day One, while more experienced riders will discover new avenues that lead to successful riding performance and fulfilling relationships with their horses.
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Author: Sylvia Loch

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 144

Illustrations: Color photos throughout

ISBN: 9781570766343

By Sylvia Loch

Sylvia Loch has been teaching and training classical dressage for the past 40 years. Her clinics, lectures, and judging events have taken her to Africa, Australia, Canada, South America, and all over Europe and the UK.

As a Portuguese-qualified instructor, she is also the Classical Trainer for the Jefress Scholarship Scheme (ABRS). Her Classical Riding Club (CRC), founded in 1995, is recognized as an Independent Partner of the British Horse Society, and she founded the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain in 1984.

Loch is a noted author of The Rider’s Balance, The Balanced Horse, Dressage in Lightness, The Classical Rider, Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding, The Royal Horse of Europe, and The Classical Seat. She also has numerous videos available that aim to demonstrate good equitation to all riders whatever their experience or discipline.

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“Anyone could benefit from reading this...I’d recommend this to anyone seeking that better understanding, regardless of their chosen