The Riding Horse Repair Manual

Not the Horse You Want? Create Him from What You Have

Doug Payne


There are many horses out there that express discomfort and/or discontent in a variety of troublesome ways. These are the common problems riders at all levels deal with on a regular basis, such as
  • bucking
  • rearing
  • bolting
  • pulling
  • grinding teeth
  • refusing fences
  • running out
  • and so many more!

    The good news is, many times these behaviors have their root in poor riding and training. How is this a good thing? It means that in most cases, an honest self-assessment of your riding skill set, a list of achievable goals to improve your position and aiding, and a broadened repertoire of solid schooling exercises can give you all the tools you need to "fix" the problem you may be experiencing now, and those you may face in the future.

    Doug Payne has made a name for himself in equestrian circles as the "go-to guy" when it comes to finding a way forward with "problem horses." Now he's sharing his tips and techniques for solving some of the most common contact issues, unruly outbursts, and jumping problems riders experience. In The Riding Horse Repair Manual you'll find causes for problem behavior—from physical issues to "holes" in the horse's education—as well as dozens of safe and professionally tested solutions and step-by-step exercises.

    Throughout, unbelievably detailed photo series provide micro-moments in the saddle, enabling you to observe the minute changes in your seat and your aids that can ultimately lead to major changes in your horse's behavior.

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    Additional Information

    Author: Doug Payne

    Format: Paperback

    Page Count: 224

    Illustrations: 210 color photos, 7 diagrams

    ISBN: 9781570765179

    By Doug Payne

    Doug Payne is well known as the competitor, judge, and trainer to turn to—whether your goal is to develop your talented young horse into an international star or you are simply trying to remedy a complicated behavioral problem. Doug is a USEF Judge and Technical Delegate and a USEA ICP Certified Instructor. He might be best known in the discipline of eventing, where he has won countless national and international competitions, from Beginner Novice through Advanced. He has successfully competed through the FEI 5* in eventing, including the 2020 Olympics and 2019 PanAm Games. He's a FEI 4* Jumper rider as well.

    Doug has also had international success in dressage, competing through FEI Intermediare I and earning multiple regional year-end awards at the FEI levels. In addition, he has ridden multiple horses from the lowest levels through Grand Prix in the show ring.

    Doug is regularly featured in top equestrian publications, including Practical Horseman, US Eventing Magazine, Chronicle of the Horse, Eventing Nation, and New Jersey Countryside. He also produced the acclaimed instructional video The Rider’s Eye with renowned eventer and horseman Jim Wofford. You can find out more about Doug at

    The Chronicle of the Horse Says:

    “Solutions for nearly every kind of riding problem you could encounter.”

    Eventing Nation Says:

    “A great read and a handy tool to have in your training arsenal.”