The Right Track

Arena Exercises for Riders and Instructors

Sarah Venamore

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This is a great handbook for any riding instructor, packed with ideas to help your lessons. With arena exercises designed to fine-tune rider coordination and communication, as well as improve transitions, rhythm, flexion, accuracy, and balance, this indispensable collection of schooling techniques will revitalize flatwork sessions, making them interesting, fun, and above all, effective.

The book includes:

• Arena patterns ranging from beginner to advanced level  

• Clear diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and tips for applying lessons learned to outside activities

• Warm-up and cool-down exercises for home and shows

• Varied practice in all three gaits, including lateral work, lengthenings, and collection

• Creative ways to implement halts and rein-backs in training regimens

• A handy spiral binding to allow for practical use in the barn and ringside

• The perfect "one-hour lesson plan" for instructors.

Additional Information

Author: Sarah Venamore

Format: Paperback spiral

Page Count: 194

Illustrations: patterns and charts throughout

ISBN: 9781570763694

By Sarah Venamore

Sarah Venamore has been riding since she was 16, and teaching students almost as long. She has a diploma in Horse Husbandry from the University of Queensland and is an accredited instructor in the UK and Australia. She teaches privately and is the State Dressage Coach for the New South Wales Pony Club Association.

Practical Horseman Says:

“Whether you’re an instructor looking for ideas or a rider looking to break out of riding the endless circles, this book deserves a spot in your tack trunk.”

Horse Illustrated Says:

“This book, with over 180 original exercises, helps keep flatwork fresh.”