The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage

How to Overcome Human Nature and Become a More Just, Generous Riding Partner for Your Horse

Douglas Puterbaugh

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A devilishly good guide to riding dressage!

Like the classic Seven Deadly Sins, the seven deadly sins of dressage presented in this innovative guide:

  • ignorance
  • timidity
  • pride
  • fear
  • gluttony
  • impatience
  • sloth

    wreak havoc on both rider and horse development and training. Calling attention to common mistakes and offering new strategies for avoiding age-old pitfalls, this entertaining and instructive manual addresses the philosophical issues of incorrect dressage training by examining each vice in depth. Using a touch of humor and sound advice, this guide comes complete with practical exercises, enlightening photographs, and useful information for becoming a better rider and person.

  • Additional Information

    Author: Douglas Puterbaugh

    Format: Hardcover

    Page Count: 176

    Illustrations: 75 color photos

    ISBN: 9781570765926

    By Douglas Puterbaugh

    Douglas Puterbaugh has been a professional trainer, instructor and clinician for more than 20 years. He is the founder and operator of Puterbaugh Dressage Sport, an equestrian training operation located in Howell, MI.

    A graduate of the USDF L Judges Program, he has trained horses to the Grand Prix and earned the recognition of professionals in the US, Europe and Canada.

    Mr. Puterbaugh is a USDF Silver Medalist, and has coached many amateur and professional riders. When not training horses, he enjoys practicing his cello. Says:

    “An extremely well-written book… exceptionally engaging. After reading this book you will feel inspired to do better.”


    USDF Connection Says:

    “Shows us how not to repeat the trespasses of our past horsemanship mistakes.”