Trip Around the Sun (Digital Download)

You Never See It Coming and You Wonder Where It Went

Jim Wofford



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Three-time Olympian Jim Wofford's writing is as legendary as his performances in the saddle. While his subject has most often been horses, he has also written a great deal about other interests—mainly behind-the-scenes looks at international competitions, fishing, shooting, and history. In this digital companion to his autobiography Still Horse Crazy After All These Years, Jim shares select essays describing a few of his more memorable adventures in the field, as well as his musings on life, and time passing.

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Author: Jim Wofford

Format: Digital Download

Page Count: 73


ISBN: 9781646011414

By Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford, a three-time Olympian and one of the best-known eventing trainers in the world, died on February 2, 2023. In 2000, Wofford was listed by The Chronicle of the Horse as one of the “50 Most Influential Horseman of the 20th Century,” and he was a Hall of Fame inductee of both the United States Eventing Association and Culver Military Academy, which he attended. Wofford was the author of Training the 3-Day Event Horse and Rider; Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses; Modern Gymnastics, Take a Good Look Around; 101 Eventing Tips; Cross-Country with Jim Wofford; and Still Horse Crazy After All These Years. His legacy of eventing greatness lives on in his many protégés and students.