Vivian Hoxbro's Knitting Handbook

8 Schools of Modular Knitting

Vivian Høxbro

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Take your knitting to the next level

Domino knitting has taken the crafting world by storm, with its flexible modular structure—easy-to-join squares, combined and recombined—and boundless design potential. Now, Vivian Høxbro, a Danish knitting expert with decades of design experience, takes the principles of domino knitting and applies them anew, with striking, dynamic results.

Dive into quick, straightforward lessons for knitting endlessly adaptable design elements, one for each of eight classic, fundamental shapes that can be worked in repeating rows to create just about anything. From stripes to squares, circles to shells, learn the basic shaping technique with a practice swatch, and then test your skills with dramatic designs, including jackets, vests, shawls, scarves, pillow covers, and more! Includes step-by-step instructions for each fundamental shape, with accompanying full-color photographs.

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Additional Information

Author: Vivian Høxbro

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 194

Illustrations: 147 color photographs & 34 charts

ISBN: 9781646011353

By Vivian Høxbro