Wild Mittens and Unruly Socks 3

25 More Outrageously Unique Knitting Patterns

Lumi Karmitsa

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A third volume of imaginative, adventuresome mitten and sock patterns from hip, young Finnish knitwear designer Lumi Karmitsa.

The highly anticipated third installment of this popular set takes knitters on a brand-new and freshly exhilarating journey, filled with color and imagination: roaring tigers, cunning foxes, wide-eyed fawns, whirling flowers, and so much more! With Lumi Karmitsa's creativity, inventiveness, and unforgettable color combinations coming to life on every page, this is an endlessly charming collection full of design delights no knitter will want to miss.

  • Packed with dynamic, expressive, irrepressibly fun patterns for mittens, socks, and matching sets
  • Clear step-by-step instructions, with full-color charts and high-quality photos
  • Readily adaptable designs—mix and match, choose your own colors, work long or short socks and mittens with or without decorative cuffs
Additional Information

Author: Lumi Karmitsa

Format: paperback

Page Count: 160

Illustrations: 75 Color photographs, 107 Charts, 9 Illustrations

ISBN: 9781646011629

By Lumi Karmitsa