Yoga for Equestrians

A New Path for Achieving Union with the Horse

Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirth



A pioneering book that introduces the practice of yoga to riders of all disciplines.

Through a practical cross-training program of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), the holistic nature of Yoga for Equestrians offers a groundbreaking approach toward building a strong foundation in horsemanship basics and the balanced seat.

It will encourage you to become a conscious rider—to realize that sensitivity and understanding of your body-mind connection are essential in riding, and to understand that using your body to communicate with the horse is the essence of riding and your most challenging task. As you gain valuable insights and techniques for effectively using your body clearly and compassionately through yoga, your horse will thank you by reflecting your positive changes and become more willing, balanced and pleasurable to rider.

Additional Information

Author: Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirth

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 216

Illustrations: 50 color, 50 b/w, 35 line drawings

ISBN: 9781570761362

By Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirth

Linda Benedik is an equestrian author, clinician, trainer, and riding instructor. She is the founder of Harmony With Horses, a unique program that blends mind–body practices with classical horsemanship, and is the author of the acclaimed book, Yoga for Equestrians, as well as the two–part instructional video series, Yoga & Riding. She lives and teaches in Southern California. 

Veronica Wirth is founder of Integrated Yoga and makes her home in Vermont.

Dressage Today Says:

"A pioneering work."